A Shift In Today’s Golf Apparel

golf apparelToday’s golf apparel and clothing is taking on several fresh looks for men. Currently, men have the choice of looking great on the golf course and transitioning that look to the clubhouse for dinner or drinks. There are several alternatives presently in design and style. However, is it getting a bit out of control? Should we have saved grandpa’s old outfits?  Nike Golf Apparel, Adidas Golf and Puma have current golf fashion collections that may have your head spinning with an assortment of colors.  Men now have the option to complement their pink shoes and pink belt to their pink pants and pink shirt. Pink is certainly not the only hue men have; the complete color wheel has become available to choose from. But, are matching pink, green, blue, red, and purple belts and coordinating footwear too much for the ‘not so young’ generation? Are these monotone color themes flattering for someone beyond his 20′s?  Just a couple of years ago men’s golf apparel was something you could actually wear just about anywhere, but these days it appears we are returning to grandpa’s clothing collection with enormously flamboyant trousers and colorful footwear.

Historically, men have not been expert coordinators in regards to fashion. With oversight by women we can easily obtain the inside information which can make the difference between us resembling “bozo the clown” versus “Brad Pitt.” Select your wardrobe wisely and ask for some advice from ladies. Despite the fact that twenty-three year-old Rickie Fowler looks remarkable in his trademark orange pants, shoes, belt, and shirt, along with his thirty inch midsection, doesn’t suggest 43 or 53 year-old John Smith will too.  Furthermore, even though Tiger Woods looks stunning in that slim fit shirt doesn’t mean Mr. Smith will also. The only thing Mr. Smith will be displaying is, in fact, his Miller Lite physic. Be truthful with yourself.  Being entirely dressed in orange looks great when you’re in your 20’s not necessarily in your 40’s. Save the orange for your shirt only and definitely not the complete outfit.  And remember to consult with a female; they are inherently superb in relation to fashion and their man.

I remember being dressed in purple plaid pants and a purple shirt leaving the house for golf when my spouse stopped and asked me if it was Halloween. Although I assumed I looked smashing, she felt otherwise. To finish it off, if you can’t play a lick of golf and your dressed like a clown, you certainly will end up being the spectacle on the first tee. Loud colors are not always better. But clothes that fit well and enhance your body type tend to be more flattering.

With this thought in mind, golf apparel fashion ought to be fun, flattering and should help you to feel great about yourself.  However, keep it in check and seek advice. Play good, feel good, and look good!

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  1. March 20, 2013 at 9:51 pm

    Miuccia Prada said ‘…Fashion is instant language.’ Which begs the question — ‘What does your attire say about or for you?’ There is a definite difference in golf apparel and what can be considered golf-style apparel. Unfortunately, many often confuse the two and a fashion collision causes utter chaos when worn in an inappropriate setting.

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