AUR Golf Shirts

AUR-Golf-ApparelAUR golf apparel offers exciting new advancement to their golf shirts with coffee grounds.   The Active line is beyond looks and fine quality, AUR offers the “Active Line” for those who want ease of movement..  The authentic line continues to stick with tradition and focusing on essentials this is sure to be a hit this Spring.  They now offer a eco friendly collection which is called Aware.  This line is for those that are conscious of their surroundings and caring of their environment.   CarboCool contains a blend of polyester and Bamboo Charcoal.  Carbonized Bamboo is environmentally responsible, and offers the same benefits that a chemical finish would without the unnecessary harm to the environment.

They also offer a EcoSmart which is a fabric made from recycled polyester yarn.  Recycled polyester yarn is made from plastic post consumer based products.  Some major advantages are moisture management, anti order, fast drying, added uv protection, easy care and environmentally friendly.  One reason it is environmentally friendly is because it reduces fossil fuel consumption and green house gasses when compared to regular polyester production.  S. Cafe’ is a patented process that transforms the coffee grounds into yarn, which is then used to produce polo’s.  Coffee grounds usually end up in landfills, which contributes to overall solid waste management problem.  Producing a garment with S.Cafe’ fabrics helps in easing landfill concerns.  AUR golf shirts offers many core styles with a variety of colours.

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