Kikkor Golf Shoes

Kikkor Golf ShoesKikkor Golf Shoes

Kikkor Golf makes amazing unique golf shoes in order to help you be you.   They simply don’t want you to settle for your grandfathers golf shoes.  They offer street golf shoes or top performance sport golf shoes.  Whatever you’re looking for, they have it.

James Lepp, the founder of Kikkor Golf Shoes noticed a need for offering a fresh looking golf shoe to the public.  He developed an extremely high performance golf shoe that looks sweet.  He offers a variety of styles for men and women in a number of colors as well as styles.  These Kikkor golf shoes are not just the same outdated shoes you encounter every day.   They actually feel amazing and therefore are perfect for the young at heart.

Not only is James Lepp an excellent designer of golf shoes for his company, you could have also noticed him on “The Big Break.”  He’s an excellent golfer that in fact made it all the way to the finals and lost in match play.  You can certainly notice James simply by his unique chipping technique, which he is deadly with.

Give Kikkor golf a look, you will be surprised what they offer.  They have also recently added hats and golf shirts to their line. is a authorized dealer of Kikkor golf shoes.



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