Tiger Woods Controversy Masters

Tiger woodsConcerning the controversy of Tiger Woods at the Masters this morning, Augusta National Committee made the CORRECT ruling.  Tiger Woods was on the course when the committee reviewed the possible infraction.   They found no error in Tiger’s drop.   While Tiger was on the 18th hole the tape was reviewed and a decision was made that there was no infraction.  Tiger finishes 18 and signs his scorecard and proceeds to an interview.  Augusta Rules Committee decides to review the possible infraction again.  Through their discovery they find he did violate the rule based on what Tiger said in the interview with CBS.  He receives a 2 stroke penalty.

The Golf Channel commentators Brandel Chamblee and Nick Faldo voice their opinion and state that Tiger should disqualify himself.  Why I ask?  This is a new rule in golf, and the Augusta National Committee made a decision.   Again, Tiger was on the course while it was being reviewed, he would have never signed the score card because a committee member would have notified him when he finished 18.   Brandel Chamblee (the Tiger hater) is always negative and never has anything positive to say.  We need to respect the decision that was made by the Augusta Rules committee and move on.  It’s not up to the players to change the rules after a decision was made.

Now, we hear Greg Norman is getting involved with the controversy.  It seems when its about Tiger, Greg Norman likes to get involved.  I can remember back to the interview with Greg on Feherty, Greg stated he was mad at Tiger for not calling him when he moved into Jupiter FL.  Really! Why would he call Greg? They are not friends.  I didnt know Greg owned Jupiter.  Wow! I learn something everyday.   Greg is still mad that he never won a major on U.S. soil, and he is still very bitter about that.   Even though Greg has all the money in the world, he is still not happy with his life.

Tiger woods did NOT sign an incorrect scorecard! Stop saying that Brandel Chamblee!  They reviewed it while he was on the course and found NO VIOLATION until the interview.  Get your facts straight.   Rules are rules!  Play on!



2 comments for “Tiger Woods Controversy Masters

  1. Judy M. Jan
    April 13, 2013 at 4:32 pm

    You are correct in everything you had stated. The Agusta National Committee made their ruling so Nick, Brandel, Greg, David and whoever there is that cannot accept that call —enough said—open mouth insert foot—your dislike of Tiger is showing again!

    • bobbyjo
      April 13, 2013 at 11:51 pm

      your right move on and leave tiger alone he is the best who ever lived and he made a mistake move on

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