USGA 2 Sets of Rules

USGA 2 Sets of Rules

usga rules of golfThere should not be two sets of rules published in the game of golf.  Why? because there currently is, well sort of.  I do not at any point remember playing golf with a group of individuals that in fact played by the “Official Rules of Golf.”  In the past there has consistently been some kind of modification of the rules.  The “one ball rule” or gimmies and so forth.  There has also been guys that have 15 or 16 clubs in their bag.  The rules of golf have always been modified at the private or public sector.  Even when playing in an “official” tournament at the local mens club the rules are always modified one way or another.

I do not fully comprehend all of this discussion about 2 sets of rules with respect to amateurs.  At this stage I feel the USGA or any other entities tend to be disconnected from amateur golf.   Since when are the rules not modified?  The golf professional at the club typically modifies the rules just slightly during an event.  I think this controversy is primarily for club manufactures that want to keep selling consumers the long putter.  They feel if some sort of guideline is not set then they will not sell their golf clubs.

Therefore refrain from talking about two sets of rules, it exists!  And shall continue to exist.  If you would like to play with a long putter, ask the guys within your group,  they will most likely allow you to do it.  Unless of course, you tend to take skin money from them every weekend.


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